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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1181 – Already Sullied nice toe
Lu Bushun looked over Li Xuan looking at him. Even though Li Xuan kept shouting, he still persisted. On top of that, his condition did not look as terrible as Lu Bushun’s.
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“Let’s go now.” In the end, it was An Tianzuo who gifted an order. He encouraged the others more than, causing Lu Bushun along with an Jingyu before the Timber Horse Consequence torture chamber.
“Sure, I’ll definitely hunt for you,” Zhou Wen responded using a look.
They removed one torment holding chamber after one other. Though Li Xuan cried out tragically, he had been able carry through them. Eventually, he turned up ahead of the Wood made Horse Punishment torment holding chamber.
“Fine! You are wealthy and still have what is required to become willful. It is a waste not to get it,” Li Xuan reported.
They removed one torture chamber immediately after yet another. Though Li Xuan cried out tragically, he had been able to maintain through every one of them. Last but not least, he turned up ahead of the Hardwood Horse Penalties torment chamber.
Lu Bushun’s experience have also been somewhat pale. He noticed his tonsils go dry. His mouth quivered, but he did not say anything. All he performed was gulp.
Although his system searched as if it obtained retrieved, his phrase was unsightly. His phrase was extremely grotesque as his human body did actually tremble slightly.
“Commander Lu, there is no need to power it,” An Tianzuo believed to Lu Bushun.
“Don’t worry. Nobody saw it. I protected my vision,” Zhou Wen said by using a fawning laugh.
The symbol was the environment Devourer’s symbol. It had been the Associate Monster that Zhou Wen obtained organized on shifting to Li Xuan.
Zhou Wen experienced moved the earth Devourer to Li Xuan, wanting that they might have far more self-protection ability. If something occured to him inside the genuine Netherworld, he might be able to work with it.
“Commander Lu, there’s no requirement to drive it,” An Tianzuo believed to Lu Bushun.
“Let’s go now.” Finally, it absolutely was An Tianzuo who gave your order. He led others around, leaving behind Lu Bushun together with an Jingyu while watching Hardwood Horse Punishment torture chamber.
“Shut up.” Li Xuan glared at him. “Be truthful. Is there these types of punishments further on?”
The token was the Planet Devourer’s mark. It was actually the Associate Monster that Zhou Wen got prepared on moving to Li Xuan.
“You’ve considered the Partner Monster. Did not you declare that there’s definitely not an issue? Did not you express that it’ll be okay?” Zhou Wen claimed.
“Holy sh*t, a Terror-class Associate Monster?” Soon after Li Xuan acquired our planet Devourer, he also received some good information over it. After discovering with the Planet Devourer’s levels and ability, he immediately investigated Zhou Wen in astonish.
Li Xuan didn’t summon the Planet Devourer. All he have was examination it within its glove point out without activating the Devourer capacity before getting it away.
Li Xuan looked inside and his concept modified when he noticed the timber horse with horns on its backside. Quite as he was approximately to getaway, Zhou Wen kicked him to the wood made horse bedroom.
When they walked more than to take a look, their expression immediately improved. Their expressions after they considered Lu Bushun started to be weird.
Li Xuan hadn’t brought up inquiries and arrived without a concept when he asked for his help. However, this getaway was only too unsafe. No one understood what was inside the a fact Netherworld and what problems there was.
If hatched Partner Beasts could possibly be moved anytime without paying any selling price, the Federation can have for ages been in chaos.
One minute later, Li Xuan limped out. His eye were packed with tears because he wore a glance of lose heart almost like he was obviously a maiden who had been defiled by the hundred adult men.
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“I only know how to provide to others and not just get it lower back. For those who never need it, why don’t you allow it returning to me?” Zhou Wen reported which has a laugh.
“Zhou Wen, screw you. You are going to die a dreadful dying.”
An hour or so after, the torment chambers opened yet again. Li Xuan strode to the next torture chamber and muttered, “If there is this sort of the best value whenever, make sure you get me once more.”
Chapter 1181: Actually Sullied
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“Ahem, aren’t you in the position to mend by yourself? It is okay. You are completely fine now. Let’s ignore the recent. It won’t impact a single thing regardless,” Zhou Wen explained cautiously.
In the hour or so, Li Xuan could withstand more than thirty punishments, even though Lu Bushun could do about twenty as well as. The primary reason was that An Jingyu’s Time Acceleration wasn’t as good as Zhou Wen’s thoughts, so Lu Bushun had been a tiny more slowly.
In fact, that they had never been aware of casually gifting hatched Partner Beasts. Also, it turned out a Terror-grade Mate Monster.
“How numerous?”
They removed one torture chamber immediately after an additional. Although Li Xuan cried out tragically, he had been able maintain through every one of them. Lastly, he arrived in front of the Timber Horse Penalties torment chamber.
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“Holy sh*t, a Terror-grade Associate Monster?” Right after Li Xuan obtained the environment Devourer, he also attained some good information over it. Immediately after studying of the Earth Devourer’s point and abilities, he immediately considered Zhou Wen in surprise.

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